Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Triumvirate of Awesomeness"

Adam and Bradley at Have You Heard are chugging along and amassing listeners by the day, and deservedly so! Their latest episode is their 2007 top 20 countdown, and an excellent rundown of music of the year. If you've got an hour and 22 minutes, hit it up! They have several selections I agree with completely, and several they're talking about so glowingly that I'm starting to change my mind. Especially their bit on Menomena. I had trouble dealing with the majority of the Menomena record, except their song "Rotten Hell" which I effing love! Observe, and PLEASE listen all the way to the end:

A&B talk about a different track which they really like, as well as the origin of the band's name (muppet-based, no kidding!), and I may be starting to come around to a wider liking of the band. I'm easily convinced, perhaps.

They also talk about Of Montreal, which as we all know, I adore. And they mention my trip to the 40 Watt to hear/see them play (the review of which appears in January's? SEP.) Thanks, boys :)

And the National. Oh, the National. Can't. Stop. Listening. Have. Tried...Can't.
The guys call Boxer "a grower" and they're dead right. This is my absolute favorite song right now, and it's not the one in the podcast:

Here's the Take Away Show with The National. It's pretty much incredible.

The guys talk about tons more, but I won't ruin it for you. Have a listen!

I'm going to be a guest on Have You Heard next week, as far as I know. (If they ever let me know about those albums...ahem.) So be sure to listen in! This is the Atlanta independent music criticism community at its best, y'all!

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theleila said...

aw buggar sorry you can't make it tonight. will have to see the y o u greatness another week.