Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, fearless readers!

It's been a busy holiday season! Last night witnessed my first live Band of Horses experience. So. Good.

I also got to hear and meet the lovely members of A Decent Animal, a group with whom I'm very impressed. They'll be releasing some stuff in the coming months, so keep your eyes and ears open. It's better than Decent, especially if you're feeling brood-y. Great senses of humor, too.

Because I'm too professional and tactful (ha!) to yammer about Band of Horses in the article I'm about to write about A Decent Animal, I'll dump all the knowledge about BOH I gleaned from ADA here so I'll feel better. I'm not sure if this is utterly tasteless. If it is, I'm so sorry.


ADA went on tour with BOH this summer. They were friends with the guys, then Ben Bridwell went to one of their shows and liked what he heard. He brought another couple of band members with him to another ADA show, they discussed, and invited ADA on tour with them. Supposedly, Bridwell will be producing the upcoming ADA album (already covered in SEP, so I think it's ok to talk about that on here?). The guys from ADA are all compliments when it comes to Bridwell and BOH. They talk about him in glowing terms, using words like "integrity" and "enthusiasm." This is good to hear when you're right in the middle of one of those hard-and-fast band obsessions/crushes.

Also, apparently BOH is so named because the original lineup was all born in the Chinese zodiac year of the horse. Go figure.

BOH has been caught off-guard by the sudden success they've experienced this year. They keep extending tours.

Their show is endlessly entertaining. Despite the few covers (that I didn't know) thrown into the middle of their set, the energy was high and the momentum was quick. There they stood, all six (?) of them on stage, including the three core members and a keyboardist, bassist, and Tyler Ramsey on guitar (who has a notable solo career and is releasing an album this month...recorded at Echo Mountain like many other great Southeast acts).

Some songs played, in a very rough approximation of the order they played them:

Monsters ("We're gonna start with a boring song.")
The First Song
Is There A Ghost
Ode to LRC
The Funeral
Weed Party
The Great Salt Lake
Islands on the Coast
Wicked Gil (I think I may have figured out some lyrics during this song! I think he's saying "I implore". I really still have no idea.)
Part One (I think)
No One's Gonna Love You
Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
The General Specific

Bridwell said "Go Dawgs" several times, I'm assuming because the Sugar Bowl is tonight. Otherwise, he thinks about football too much. But the fact that he wore a hat from my alma mater throughout the performance just made me swoon a touch more than I already was. And that's something.

I'll save a torrent of info about A Decent Animal for the article I'm working on, which will show up in the March issue of SEP. I'm only gushing about BOH so much because there's no where else for the info to go (at least, that's the story I'm stickin' to). I really do think ADA deserves a good bit of attention, though, and they'll get it. Excellent fellows.

I mean, I'm still overwhelmed by the caliber of the beards at this show...it was staggering. Just...nearly inconceivable beardedness...

A painting done by ADA. Behold the beards.

The playlist below is a sample song from everyone I heard last night.

I start my internship at Paste Magazine in the morning. Wish me luck!

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