Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm not a photographer. Gimme a break.

Thursday night at the 10 High was lovely! TheLeila and I had an excellent time cheering on Y O U as they recreated one of the most bizarre bits of our popular culture. She's posted some pictures I took with her camera of the band as they played their original material at the beginning of their set. Her camera could kick my camera's ass. With its hands tied behind its back. In the dark. And they're still all blurry.

Not the point.

"The Surprise Party" is a weekly event, and since I can't be there next week (It's our monthly Big Trouble in Little Five Points at the Star Bar with The Lord Is My Shotgun, Ghostfinger, and The Pendletons! Presented by Performer Magazine and Pop Death Squad! Free! See poster, below) I'll have to be content to return in two weeks for "The Yacht Rock Review." (...Am currently laughing immoderately behind laptop.) According to Y O U's MySpace, this is what the night of January 24th has to offer:

"Atlanta’s smoothest band (Y O U and friends) performs your fave ’70s dentist office rock, including Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, etc. Comedy sketches by Y O U will pepper the set on the video screens."

Incredible. I'll be there.

I'll be here, too:

Photo by Julia. Unfortunately.

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