Thursday, September 18, 2008


Two videos courtesy of Stephen and the Paste A/V crew:

Throw Me The Statue - "Conquering Kids" warmup in the Paste stairwell (by itself, this time)

Dan Deacon warming up the crowd at Corndogorama. I was there, and it really was this awesome.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paste:Local Atlanta is giving away tickets to see The Bridges

Hey y'all, anyone really like The Bridges? Go to Paste:Local Atlanta and email in to win the contest, then! Winner gets to see them this Saturday at The Loft. (They'll also get a free copy of the band's latest album, and a free, signed Paste with their singer on the cover.) Woot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FOAVOD: Throw Me The Statue - "Conquering Kids" live in the Paste studio

So I've been waiting months for this video to show up.

TMTS played live at Paste when I was an intern, and it definitely turned me on to the band, who have become one of my recent favorites. (Pick up Moonbeams if you haven't yet.) The newest edition of Paste Vision (the mag's occasional video podcast) finally includes part of that live performance....months and months later. Strangely enough, the actual studio performance isn't what you see here. What we get instead is the band warming up in the stairwell at the back of the building. I think the footage from the studio didn't turn out because there were simply too many people in that small room, and because it was the a/v crew's first experience with a new box of wireless mics...don't think it was much of a success. Certainly was entertaining to witness, though.

After they played for us, we went and saw them at the Unicorn. You know, with audible vocals.

If the studio bit isn't worth watching, though, this certainly is! Check out Paste Vision 5; the Throw Me The Statue bit's right in the middle. You can't miss it.

(Cough, read Paste:Local, cough.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dangerous hair swoops, Constellations and Christians (of a sort): August's Southeast Performer arrived weeks ago!

The distribution problems made it a couple of weeks late, sure, but I'm even later, here telling you about August's SEP in the first week of September. Bear with me though, because it's a lovely issue, and you can probably still pick it up all over town.

I got to interview and write about indie electro DJ Dylan Eiland, a.k.a Le Castle Vania. Check it out! (It's my second cover story! Yay!)

Le Castle Vania

The Two-sided Mind of a Single-minded DJ

The Promoter and the Artist

The semi-circular stairs descending to the doorway of Atlanta’s Drunken Unicorn should be groaning, they bear the weight of so many. People squish through the open portal and past the bouncers, a bottleneck of 18-and-up partygoers all bright-eyed and just a little bit manic, eager to be inside where the mob ebbs and flows like waves and the air thickens with body heat...[Read more]

The rest of the issue is a little Atlanta-centric (which of course I love), featuring Noot d' Noot and spotlighting Connor Christian and The Constellations (as well as non-Atlanta artist Todd Simpson). How can you blame us? The city has just too much going on...Enjoy!