Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playlist: Favorite Songs of 2009 (So Far)

So this year, I'm not procrastinating. I've been adding my favorite songs to a playlist as I go all year. When I stumble across a good one, it goes in, and now I've got something to show for it. It'll grow, of course, before list season this December. But for now, I thought I'd share so that everyone can listen to some awesome tunes. I know it's the playlist I turn to by default.

(BTW, despite its drawbacks, has by far the best playlist embedding site going on right now.)


bazookaluca said...

Favorite songs I hadn't yet heard:

Fangela - Here We Go Magic
Crooked Lust - Bowerbirds
Holy Fuck! - Lord Cut-Glass

I also really enjoyed both of the Pontiak snippets.

Great list (although you do need some metal/punk/hip hop in your life AND at least one pop guilty pleasure!)

Liza said...

I really like the Wavves. Otherwise, mellower than I usually go for but good nonetheless.