Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photos: The Ruby Suns / Throw Me The Statue / Chainestereo (Drunken Unicorn 4/14/08)

Atlanta's Chainestereo openened the night: Chainestereo 3
I was pleasantly surprised by them.

This girl is insane. In a good way, of course:
Chainestereo 1

Next, the stage was occupied by the band we came to see, Seattle's Throw Me The Statue (signed to Secretly Canadian). Let's just say we got to see a more private performance earlier in the day, but wanted to experience the full effect (with audible vocals, etc).

[MP3] courtesy of Secretly Canadian: Throw Me The Statue - "Lolita"

Throw Me The Statue 6

Throw Me The Statue 4

Throw Me The Statue 3

Throw Me The Statue 2

Throw Me The Statue 1

After that, new Sub Pop darlings The Ruby Suns laid it down. They're from New Zealand, and very charming. Observe:
The Ruby Suns 5

The Ruby Suns 3

The Ruby Suns 2

The Ruby Suns 1


Rich said...

Chainestereo is really good. Their 'Magnetic South' EP kicks booty, and can be had cheap at Criminal.

nikki. said...

Oh, my. The sweater. 'Tis my favorite.

Thanks for snapping photos!

Juliar said...

might have to go pick that up, then. they're really young, too, so that's something...

nikki: I know, right?