Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When life sends you moldy lemons...

What is this, you ask? Let me explain.


A couple weeks ago, the Paste office received perhaps the best press kit ever in the history of press kits. If, by "best," you mean "grossest."

I had the extreme privilege of blogging about it on the PasteMagazine.com blogs. I could never do it the justice my esteemed web editor did with his slug, so I'll just plagiarize. This is the tagline (Oh, the poetry! It sounds like a teaser for the nightly news - "Is your home poisoning you? Tune in at 11 for the full story."):

Why did Paste receive this moldy lemon in the mail? Click here to find out!

Wow. Atmosphere one. Paste interns zero.

I gotta say though, I'm still conflicted about the whole "any publicity is good publicity idea." While we did, of course, immediately toss the envelope and all its contents—the moldy lemon, the one-sheet and ultimately the CD, thus ensuring that we couldn’t review it—straight into the garbage, we did talk about it all over PasteMagazine.com. It'll appear if you Google “Atmosphere,” or “When life gives you lemons,” wont’ it? Still, I’d like to discourage the future mailing of any perishables to any magazine office. Nothing says “good music,” like rancid foodstuffs. Thank you in advance.

Oh, and ironically enough, Atmosphere’s single from this album is called “Shoulda Known.”


Rich said...

Uh... that's just odd.

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