Sunday, March 30, 2008


I did another "Catching up with..." feature for the Paste website. I got to speak to Cindy Wilson from The B-52s, who released their album Funplex last week. Check it out.

Remember how I mentioned that promotion Dr Pepper is doing where they promise a free can of soda to ever man, woman and child in America if Guns 'N Roses release Chinese Democracy before 2008 ends? Here's a complete story about it. So weird.

This one's not my doing, but it's the best picture to appear on all week:

Yay Josh Ritter!

Care anything about the movie Fanboys and all the Star Wars-related controversy? This story is illuminating. Like a lightsaber?

Also, Langhorne Slim offers free track, tours.


theleila said...

did i ever tell you that we saw the b-52s leaving our hotel after our wedding night? we were both getting into taxis - i wanted to tell them that we played "love shack" at our wedding but thought the better of it. they look as fabulous as ever!

Juliar said...

Haha, that's awesome! That's a good omen for your marriage if there ever was...