Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I just had 4 shots of espresso

More fun things to enjoy while I put off all those record reviews (next week, I swear it!):

Yeasayer filmed two videos for Vincent Moon's Take-Away Shows, which are always brilliant. This is super exciting because Yeasayer's definitely a top-tier live act. Here's the best one; in my opinion, it's right up there with the Arcade Fire, Beirut and The National Take-Away Shows. Really, truly astonishing. (Moon even branches out a bit at the end with some scene cutting and backwards film reels.) My favorite part is when the neighbor complains....

I'm so infatuated with this band.

Also, Paste posted an hour-by-hour guide to SXSW. This is, for obvious reasons, my favorite part:

11 p.m. - Bon Iver (Mohawk Patio) - According to the world's #1 all-star Bon Iver fanatic, Paste intern Julia Reidy: "For Emma, Forever Ago is hands-down the best album of the year. It's only March, I know, but I challenge anyone to make me change my mind come December. If he can fill your car the way he does, imagine what he can do with the performance space in a bar."


Have You Heard said...

Congrats! Great quote and super cool that you were in the pitch.

On a Bon Iver note. We've been pronouncing it with an American english accent. Any word on whether it should be standard french, as if the h were there?

A commentator on NPR was doing it this way. I'm hoping its couth (yes the opposite of uncouth) to pronounce the name either way. If not then I have a lot of overdubbing to do.

Juliar said...

Ha, thanks :) I still say it like a dumb southerner, but Justin Vernon pronounces it like the french. Go Go here to listen/read about it. (It's also fun to listen to the live performance anyway....)

c.alexander said...

twas a good show indeed. he pulls off those high notes really well live. only problem was that it was an outdoor venue and all the delicate spaces in his music were filled in with miscellaneous metal and dance music drifting in from around the city. still pretty great regardless. i must say though, as far as showmanship is concerned, jens lekman's set right afterwards went over a lot better with the party people at mohawk

Fifth said...

Would the French pronunciation be "Bon Eevher?"