Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have returned from Langerado! I'd like to tell you all about it, but I'm so exhausted from all the driving (SOOOO much driving!), the constant show-going, the eating, the hand-sanitizing, and most of all, the extensive blogging the other Paste-types and I did the whole time, that I'm pretty much tapped out. We're almost done with all the entries. I've finished mine. So instead of revisiting everything I already wrote about (painstakingly and on very little sleep), I'll have a link fest here! Yay!

In (sort of) chronological order, so far:

The Big Cyprowski: Paste's nearly up-to-the-minute Langerado Blog (How we got lost and ran out of gas where there were panther crossing signs, by Steve LaBate. Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, by Sara Miller.)

We Can Dance (Or Not Dance) If We Want To (!!! by me, Built to Spill, by Sara Miller.)

Langerado: Rap's Rock 'n' Role Models
(The Roots, by Steve LaBate and me, The Beastie Boys by Steve LaBate.)

Saturday in the Swamp: From Canines to Specters (Dr. Dog by Sara Miller, Ben Folds by Sara Miller, Matisyahu by me, Ghostland Observatory by me.)

A Close Shave: Of Montreal Brings Out the Dead (Of Montreal, by me and Sara Miller.)

A National Anthem: Langerado's Lovely Ending (The National by me.)

Have fun! A photo journal will be up soon on the Paste blogs also.

The best shows I saw were Josh Ritter, Of Montreal and The National. Those guys rock.

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Asheley said...

Obviously, this is the piece you worked the hardest on and felt the most passionate about because it really shows. Kudos, and keep up the good work!