Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Linkage Wednesday

True to my word (and little else, I imagine).

Linkage Wednesday:

A little bit of Gandalf Love.


Guess which of these parties I generally enjoy more? Dr. Pepper promises a free can of its soda to everyone in America if Guns n' Roses release Chinese Democracy before the end of year. Read this.
(Kudos to Paul Thompson for saying both are prune-like. Ha.)

I Guess I'm Floating give us Radiohead for Dummies (Part 1). Pretty great.

Do you live within driving distance of Athens, Ga.? Do you like the New Pornographers? How 'bout Okkervil River? Cable and Tweed's givin' away tickets.

This is funny because I was about 30 feet away interviewing Aaron Dessner, also from The National as this interview was taking place. Go Grooveshark!

Here is a blurry picture of The National that I took at Langerado:

And finally, I very much recommend that you check out Have You Heard. They've really been kickin' ass lately

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