Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April's Southeast Performer done been arrived....

It's definitely April 15th. I know. This is old news, but I didn't do my requisite "Insert-month-here's SEP arrives!" post, so here it is:

I got to write my first feature for SEP, and was pretty ecstatic about it. It's on ex-big-label artist Matthew Ryan and his new band/album Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State.

I also reviewed the Heavy Mojo / Ponderosa / Part Bear show in the live reviews section.

It's a solid issue. The whole thing's worth a good read, especially if you're a musician. Check it out.

Also, this Thursday's the monthly Performer Presents/Big Trouble in Little Five Points show (FREE!!!) at the Star Bar. Pretty sure I'm actually going this time. I hear fantastic things about these bands. 'Specially The Constellations (Gnarls Barkley ties...).

Dead Confederate's from the A-T-H.
Hands Down Eugene's from Nashville.

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bazookaluca said...

Matthew Ryan has a song called "Beautiful Fool" that floors me every time I hear it very much in the same way that many Tom Waits songs do. And that's a lot coming from me.