Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fishboy. Tour. Awesome.

I never talk about Fishboy.

Ok, I just lied just then. I talk about Fishboy all the time. Only because they're fantastic, though! If you haven't experienced Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll, you very much need to. Stream the entire rock opera here. Buy it here.

Then, come see the band play the Caledonia Lounge in the A-T-H on May 10th!

Rich from Cable & Tweed is giving away a copy of their record. Go here to enter!

Here be the rest of their tour:

Apr 23 The Boom Boom Room w/ Jacob Enwood Fayetteville, Arkansas
Apr 24 The Way Out Club w/ That's My Daughter and Wooden Kites St.
Louis, Missouri
Apr 25 Replay Lounge w/ The Jim Button Band Lawrence, Kansas
Apr 26 Surf Ballroom (home of Buddy Holly's last show!) w/ Poison
Control Center!Clear Lake, Iowa
Apr 27 Borg Ward w/ Quin Scharber Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Apr 28 The Statehouse Bloomington, Indiana
Apr 29 Quencher's Chicago, Illinois
Apr 30 503 Oldham ct. w/ Joy Bombs/Big Fresh Lexington, Kentucky
May 1 Charm City Art Space w/ the Up Set Baltimore, Maryland
May 2 The Knitting Factory w/ Uncle Monsterface and The Besties New
York, New York
May 3 Party w/926 Main Street Apt. 2 Worcester, Massachusetts
May 5 6 Barton St.Rochester, New York
May 6 12:00PM Live on 89.7FM WITR Rochester, Pennsylvania
May 7 Khyber w/ MILK!Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 8 SPAZZATORIUM GALLERIA!Greenville, North Carolina
May 9 255 Ashley Ave Charleston, South Carolina
May 10 Caledonia Athens, Georgia
May 13 Lowe Mill w/ Japanther Huntsville, Alabama
May 15 Cafe Mi Aroma w/ Mermaid Police Chattanooga, Tennessee
May 16 Tomato Tomato w/ Velcro Stars Murfreesboro, Tennessee
May 17 Actor's Cafe Shreveport, Louisiana

They're still looking for somewhere to play May 11 in Atlanta. If you got some connections, let me/Eric know!

I've also been told we may get to look forward to a Fishboy b-sides release later in the year.

Don't miss this!

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Emily Kane said...

*sigh* no one likes to come to the hanging chad of the United States.

and as much as I hate to say it, Athens is an awful long way to travel from Fort Lauderdale, unless it's for a four-day festival. *sigh*