Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dangerous hair swoops, Constellations and Christians (of a sort): August's Southeast Performer arrived weeks ago!

The distribution problems made it a couple of weeks late, sure, but I'm even later, here telling you about August's SEP in the first week of September. Bear with me though, because it's a lovely issue, and you can probably still pick it up all over town.

I got to interview and write about indie electro DJ Dylan Eiland, a.k.a Le Castle Vania. Check it out! (It's my second cover story! Yay!)

Le Castle Vania

The Two-sided Mind of a Single-minded DJ

The Promoter and the Artist

The semi-circular stairs descending to the doorway of Atlanta’s Drunken Unicorn should be groaning, they bear the weight of so many. People squish through the open portal and past the bouncers, a bottleneck of 18-and-up partygoers all bright-eyed and just a little bit manic, eager to be inside where the mob ebbs and flows like waves and the air thickens with body heat...[Read more]

The rest of the issue is a little Atlanta-centric (which of course I love), featuring Noot d' Noot and spotlighting Connor Christian and The Constellations (as well as non-Atlanta artist Todd Simpson). How can you blame us? The city has just too much going on...Enjoy!

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