Friday, August 29, 2008

More excuses...

So Paste:Local Atlanta's looking pretty sweet, y'all. I don't seem to have much creative juice left for anything else though, and every time I approach this here FOA to write something, I seem to be without words.

This week P:L A has a live review of that Gnarls Barkley/Janelle Monae show at the Variety a little while back, a preview of the Decatur Book Festival this weekend, a review of the reMIXT opening at Mint Gallery from last weekend, a review of Y O U and the Modern Skirts at Star Bar from last Thursday, the weekly Informer:Atlanta of course (full Atlanta event listings every Tuesday - send tips and calendars to !) and finally, a writeup of the local shorts program at last weekends Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

And that was just this week! Seriously, I can't believe how good it's all looking (regardless of how stressed-out I get), so please please go read every day and tell all your friends!

Coming up:
Catching Up With... Noot d' Noot
Live Review: The Features, The Redcoats @ The Earl 8/30/08
Reviews of the Decatur Book Festival, The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival and Dragon*Con

...stay tuned!


Ben Grad said...

Lemme know if you still need some art stuff!

Liza said...

you need a New York local. mmm hmmm.

Liza said...

by the way, I'm commenting as a means of procrastination. I'm avoiding the incredibly embarassing album review I have to write.

adam bomb said...
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Juliar said...

liza, there is a Paste:Local New York!

and I'm sure your album review isn't as embarrassing as the fact that I totally forgot about an assignment today. i'm a bad journalist.

Liza said...

woo hoo! (at the local NY)

I was reviewing the new NKOTB album. I really don't see how anything could be more embarrassing.