Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paste:Local Atlanta!!

Apologies for the long silence, y'all. I've been...well..."busy" is an understatement.

Here's why:

Paste:Local Atlanta.

If I haven't gushed at you already about this, Paste:Local is's new blog initiative, applying the mag's eye for "signs of life in music, film and culture" to the ATL's local scene. I've got the privilege of editing our city's pilot edition of P:L, and as of Monday, it's launched! It's got a LOT of kinks that need workin' out, so don't hike up your expectations too high, but it's already looking meaty and awesome, if not yet gorgeous. (Picture above is from intro post. It's Ben from Judi Chicago. Taken by the ever-talented Jason Reed.)

Have a look!!!!!:

And then let me know what you think. Bloggers, spread the word! I'm looking for contributors...and some of you have already received some sidebar lovin' (this department will also look better soon).

If FOA gets kind of sad and lonely in the future, it's because P:L's growing and thriving! No tears!


Sugarkane said...

It looks good. Thanks for the link, I'll have you one back soon!

Liza said...

woo hoo!