Thursday, January 10, 2008

Suddenly a little busy and important

So here's the thing. I've suddenly started receiving publicity email from bands directly. This is new. I can only assume it's from added readership surrounding the podcast or through MySpace, or maybe from bylines in regional music mags. I don't know. Being contacted directly (as if I have, say, an opinion that matters!) makes me want to do what I can to support whatever band has done so. Problem is, all the shows of which I've been informed so far fall on nights when I've already got plans.

Tonight, for instance, Nashville's The Nobility is opening the first monthly Mod Night at the Star Bar in Little Five with The Booze and Tres Bien.
The Nobility:

I don't imagine I'll make it because I'm already going to be at the 10 High watching Y O U's second go at their Thursday night residency, also known as "The Surprise Party." Tonight I think they're performing the whole "Dark Side of the Rainbow" thing live, then playing some original songs with their music videos, which are quality.
"La La Lindsay", Dir. Brothers Chaps:

Also, this Saturday, the 12th (while I'll be at the Earl watching Attractive Eighties Women at their CD release party) The Young Antiques will be at Smith's Olde Bar with the Drexlers and the legendary Five Eight.

It's a shame, really. Wish I could be everywhere at once. Maybe you can be everywhere instead!


theleila said...

am so excited about tonight! see ya soon.

bradley said...

Thats really cool. Thanks again for everything and I'm excited for another visit soon...