Monday, January 28, 2008

The FOA "...." Video of the Day

You can interpret the "...." to mean either "...uh..." or, if you prefer, "....I don't get it."

Here, we see Matthew Houck dancing with a girl who has a tiger head? Or something? And drinking a tall boy? And it's all yellow? And maybe he's happy? But maybe he's nostalgic?

This song, if you'll remember, was the one for which he used a recording of the UGA Redcoat Band drumline as backing. I put the track up last week (or maybe the week before?) because I thought it was neat. No matter what visuals he's provided in this video, I still see the drumline practicing (with a clearly audible Dr. Beat, no less...) I still have copyright questions about the unauthorized recording of their practice, too. Doesn't make the song any less cool, though.


Phosphorescent - "At Death, a Proclamation"

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