Monday, January 28, 2008

Chris Walla - Field Manual, etc.

In my last bit of shameless self-promotion (for today! ha!), here is a link to my proudest mini-journalist moment so far:

Paste: Catching Up With...Chris Walla
Interview by yours truly!

I'm going to bask in the sunny delusion that this little piece makes me, you know, kind of a big deal. Shhh. Let me think it for a couple of days before the shine wears off...

Walla's solo debut hits stores this week (hence the article), so here's a track:

Chris Walla - Sing Again.mp3

In other news (completely!), The Selmanaires and Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause rocked extremely hard Saturday night. A great time was had by all - all who could get in, that is. Much to my surprise (although I guess I shouldn't've been surprised...) the show sold out FAST. Apologies to anyone who showed up and couldn't get in. My thang on The Selmanaires shows Feb. 1st-ish in SEP, so I'm waiting breathlessly for that after such a rockin' time with them. Got to meet fellow blogger extraordinaire Rich from Cable and Tweed. Got to stand in the 2nd row for The Selmanaires' set.

TheLeila took tons of pictures, but she's on a cruise so we'll have to wait till she gets back to see them.


Rich said...

You know that "If I Had $1000000" song by BNL? Totally boosts my ego.

Adam said...

I watched this at work, and some guy came into my desk area asking, "What the hell is THAT?"