Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fall Madly in Love: Two for Today

The Selmanaires.

Hope For Agoldensummer.

Mean anything to you?

If not, man, are you in for a treat!

The Selmanaires, a several-month Atlanta favorite of mine, released their new record The Air Salesmen, yesterday on Atlanta's own International Hits. They then proceeded to rock out Criminal Records. There was cake. It was good.

I had the pleasure of interviewing them and writing a short piece for SEP, which will appear around the first of February. Can't wait. For guys that rock so hard, they sure are sweet. And I can't recommend their live show or their album enough. They're celebrating the album release with their labelmates Anna Kramer & the Lost Cause this Saturday night at The Earl.

The Selmanaires, from their MySpace (link above). Photo by Neda Abghari.

A song from The Air Salesmen, courtesy of International Hits:
The Selmanaires - Reason and Chance.mp3

Athens' own Hope For Agoldensummer completed and shipped their long-awaited second album, Ariadne Thread, in December. It's so beautiful (visually too). These three ladies put on the quietest but most compelling live show I've ever seen. They croon, they harmonize, they play the saw. The saw. They jingle, they smile. They switch chairs and musical instruments. When Crystal and I dropped in on their 11/11 show at the 11:11 Teahouse, they covered Aaliyah's song "Are You That Somebody?", which was both gut-bustingly hilarious and know...kinda good. They'll visit The Earl on Feb. 13 with The Pendletons and Delta Co. Can't wait.

Hope For Agoldensummer at The Echo Project in October. Photo by me.

You can sample songs from (or purchase) both albums at the band's CD Baby page. I particularly recommend "Man of Faith" from Ariadne Thread.

Really, take my advice on these two fantastic groups. You won't be sorry, I swear it! And so do they!


theleila said...

lovely and lovely indeed. got blurry pics on the blog. oh and as a result of yesterday's festivities i had a dream last night that involved herb selmanaire yelling at tommy selmanaire and an escaped tiger running down the road in the background. too much wine and cheese before going to sleep.

Richard said...

Nice selections.

Weird dream. As if Herb would yell.

Juliar said...

Whoa. Escaped tiger?

theleila said...

yeah - well actually lion and a tiger. very scary.

Rich said...

No bears? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

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theleila said...

no bears... tho there was yet another selmanaires dream last night. this time it was an actual gig but the sound was messed up. obviously i can't wait for saturday!