Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ode to an Athens Visit

Cars pass on Broad Street, glinting blindingly in the almost-too-beautiful-to-bear afternoon light. I guess it's just coincidence that makes today so gorgeous. Athens doesn't always glitter like this, a fact of which I'm well aware after living here for a full four years. I'd forgotten how romantic coffee shops across from campus make me feel. All seems right with the world when your view encompasses fellow lap-toppers, wooden tables and chairs, coffee cups, local artwork, table umbrellas, a busy street and an expansive green lawn. Not to mention a city trash can bearing an oh-so-familiar Elevado sticker. I wonder how many adhesive logos those guys manufactured, because they've certainly done an excellent job of slapping one on just about every flat surface in Athens or Atlanta. Kind of admirable, really. (They do run a promo company, so gung-ho marketing is to be expected, I guess...)

So. I wandered into the 40 Watt last night during my brief visit, despite intentions to the contrary. After a week of feeling under the weather, and desiring nothing more than to converse quietly with friends behind a beer, the idea of a Dark Meat Face/Off wasn't all that appealing...but as it turns out, it was, you So we went. The theme for the night was "duets." One member of Dark Meat would pair with one member of another local/regional band and play what may have been improvised or just covers. It was definitely entertaining, if for nothing other than the top-notch people-watching (Athens' special brand of hipsters, short shorts, etc...), but the noise level and semi-rehearsed material made my poor head hurt. Still, it was lovely to be inside the 40 Watt again. It really is a fantastic rock club.

I wonder about Athens' unique ability to foster this friendly music community. Everyone's interconnected, not unlike they are in any other close-knit environment. The difference, it seems, is to what extent. And with what kind of attitude. Maybe it's just my impression, but it feels like people are a little more open here. You can kind of tell when an Athens band comes and plays in Atlanta...just a bit of a different crowd. More laid-back.

The playlist over the last 20 minutes in Espresso Royale:
1. Regina Spektor - "Fidelity"

2. Third Eye Blind - "I'll Never Let You Go"
3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Is This Love?"

4. Pearl Jam - ...don't remember what song.
5. Some cover of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by a girl.
6. Belle and Sebastian - "Step Into My Office, Baby"
7. Queen - "Fat Bottomed Girls" (seriously!)



Rich said...

Tsk, tsk... it was Regina's "On the Radio," and Hootie's "Hold My Hand" rather than Pearl Jam.

See ya soon. :)

Rich said...

Wait, you're right about Regina! I was thinking of that other post. D'oh.

Juliar said...

-10 points for each of us! Yeah, I guess we had been talking about Pearl Jam or something? haha

Amy said...

Was the I Wanna Hold Your Hand cover the one from the movie Across The Universe? That's by a girl. I don't love that particular song in the movie but I do love the movie itself.