Monday, February 18, 2008

Man Man + Yeasayer = So excited

I've talked about Yeasayer before, but in case you didn't believe me about the awesomeness and the stage mannerisms, check this out:

They were on Conan on Friday, performing "2080" from last year's All Hour Cymbals.

I've been increasingly more interested since I saw them live, and also since a song of theirs came on my clock radio Friday morning. It's not that weird, as I've got my alarm set to WRAS...songs I like come on all the time in the morning. What I did find strange, though, was that the song started at basically the exact second my eyes opened. And that it was called "Sunrise." Come to think of it, waking up to this every day wouldn't suck...

These guys have have thrown up a new video (thanks for the heads-up, Sara!), which you can watch and read all about on Drowned In Sound. And what's more, they're about to go on tour with MAN MAN. (Ack, so happy I can't breathe...neither could Austin, by the looks of that news item...) Even better, when aforementioned tour takes place they'll be stopping at Lenny's. Here. A five minute walk from my apartment. (It's too much! Think of all the flailing!)

For a taste of the glory expected this April from Man Man (through their pals at Anti-), check out the video thang Pitchfork did on them last year:

A live rendition of probably my favorite Man Man song, "Van Helsing Boom Box":

And for the record, Rabbit Habits sounds really good (consider that the FOA stamp of approval, or whatever). It really does. Sigh. Such talent! So many squeaky toys!


Fifth said...

I can't believe I haven't seen these guys live yet.

Thanks for the heads-up.

willKISER said...

I'm trying to get Man Man to come by Nuci's to check the place out when they're in town next time (mar 8). I would HIGHLY recomend that show - it's worth it, even if you haven't heard their album.

Juliar said...

Truth. I had never heard a recorded song when I saw them live for the first time and it's pretty much the most fun I've ever had. Go! Go!