Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alternate identities, day jobs, and the burning of Atlanta - February's SEP Arrives!

Well Southeastern people (and everyone else, for that matter), it's that time again! February's Southeast Performer hit the stands this week. As always, it's got a ton of stuff inside that I'm really excited about.

It breaks down into a couple categories this time.

Category 1 - Stuff I'm excited about that I wrote:

Mostly I'm excited about my spotlight on The Selmanaires finally showing in print. I got to go to the photo shoot (see below), which was seriously entertaining. I never knew how awkward it was to try and look indifferent and cool. Not that these guys need to try very hard to look cool. They sort of are cool. I've never enjoyed interviewing more than I did with them.

I got to write the live review that got picked for Show of the Month for the second time in a row, so that's pretty awesome. It was Stomp and Stammer's 11th birthday party at the Variety Playhouse, aptly entitled "Atlanta's Burning." Performers were The Black Lips, Snowden, Deerhunter, and (of course) The Selmanaires. It was the night I fell in love with The Black Lips, beer, sweat, mustaches and all. Good times.

My record review for the month was of Paleface and Just About to Burn's album A Different Story. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would.

Category 2 - Stuff I'm excited about that other people wrote:

Mostly, I'm psyched about the cover story on Y O U! Turns out, I got to go this photo shoot as well (see below), and that time I was actually in the picture. All of us held up masks to represent all the characters the guys from Y O U have portrayed through their various musical endeavors. (I'm in the 2nd row.) I'm such a fan of this band.

Next, Leila reviewed The Selmanaires' album, finally. It's here.

I'm also kinda stoked that Athens was the Tourstop this month. Looks like home to me...

Guess that's it.

Speaking of Athens, I ran across this today for the first time in a while. Never really gets old though.


theleila said...

yay! i meant to have tim take a ton of mags to the paste offices but he left in a bit of a rush. he's pretty stressed bless him. but i'll make sure a pile get to y'all - or you can get a couple on thursday. you're going right?

Rich said...


Good stuff. I'm just hanging around in downtown Athens today, so I'll have to see if they have the new SEP yet at Wuxtry.

Juliar said...

Ha, thanks Rich! I'll be doing that very thing this Saturday, hopefully. Coming up for my first visit since October!

Rich said...

What's the occasion? I see there's some crazy event at 40 Watt.

Juliar said...

Just going to visit some friends. Not sure if I'll even see a show (seems like a waste, I know...) I don't know, I could end up going to something?