Thursday, February 28, 2008

Envy and exhaustion

Man, do I wish I was going to SXSW. Sigh.

I, sadly, am not one of the lucky ones.

Apparently, I'll be at Langerado instead, which will be great of course. No complaints here. Esp. excited about The Avetts, The National, Vampire Weekend, and many more.

Apologies this post isn't meatier. I'm tired.

Saw O'Brother, Bear Colony, and Look Mexico at The Earl last night. Was very impressed with Bear Colony. Much better than expected. Am reviewing for SEP, so look for it in...April, I think?

This is unrelated:

Do you like Animal Collective? What about Panda Bear? Why? Which is better? Consider this an official FOA survey.


bazookaluca said...

oh, i'll totally read your blog. i'm all over it.

btw, i don't much care for panda bear or animal collective and i'm not ashamed to say it. do i have to turn in my indie credentials now?

c.alexander said...

i have such a mixed relationship with animal collective. Feels is without a doubt one of my favorite records of the decade, but i just dont really give a damn about Strawberry Jam. i have no explanation for that.

Panda Bear is perfectly fine, but he's far from the visionary genius he's made out to be. not many people are though..

Juliar said...

luca, yes i will please need your gun and badge.

colin, i agree. for some reason feels seems way more relatable. and panda bear bores me. i've tried so hard!