Friday, February 15, 2008

A letter/shameless plug/invitation

Fellow Atlanta music-liking types!

So I know anyone with any judgment is probably going to see Janelle Monae tomorrow night (or employing themselves in some other, more productive way), but if you're not....and you'd rather go with YOURS TRULY to hear my friend's crazy/ridiculously talented metal/experimental/instrumental band headline the Drunken Unicorn for the first time, you are more than welcome! And really, hasn't it been a little too long since your eardrums were assaulted? Aren't they getting complacent and bored? Shouldn't Pepto Bismol and silly string be thrown around stages a little more often?

Well. Notwithstanding your answers to all those questions...

Here be details:

Gravel Undertone
Lazer/Wulf (hooray!)
(in that order.)

@ The Drunken Unicorn (Gravel Undertone goes on at 9:45)
Shouldn't cost much. I'll buy ya a beer.



Nuçi's Space said...

Lazer/Wulf is amazing. They sound like someone put a frieght train on stage and mic'd it up. They've played at Nuci's a few times and everytime I've seen them I've been highly impressed.

Juliar said...

An extremely well-trained, discerning, and virtuosic freight train :) I've never been more objectively proud of a musician friend. I was at one of the Nuci's shows - the one with the silly string and the glitter and the pepto bismol. Were you at that one?