Monday, May 19, 2008

Live Review: Black Lips (40 Watt 3/28/08)

Hey, remember when the Black Lips played at the 40 Watt at the end of March?..... What's that you say? ...That was almost two months ago? ...Wait, what's your point?

Well, if you're still interested in news that old, I wrote a live review of the show for Stomp and Stammer. It's here. I discuss having the dude behind me pretty much dump his entire can of Spark's in my hair and what it was like to be right in front of the speaker stack Ian St. Pe was climbing. (I did not, however, mention the very dangerous drool situation that particular position implies.)

To more completely illustrate the, uh, spectacle one witnesses at Black Lips shows, let me direct you toward some photos from the very talented Mike White of Deadly Designs. Check his site out, he's a fantastic live photographer. Here are a few he shot that night. The rest can be found here.

Jared sayin' hi to the crowd.

Gratitude from Ian.

Friendliest venue I know.

Some serious Cole.

Mike has 42 devastatingly good shots from this one set alone at Deadly Designs, not to mention the gazillions of other shows he's photographed, so go take a look.

Favorite Black Lips show stories, anyone?


Ben Grad said...

Definitely New Years at the Drunken Unicorn. Probably the craziest show I've ever been to; the crowd was way too loud for the space, Black Lips guys simultaneously puking and spraying champagne into the crowd - I felt so drained by the show that I got to sleep before 3am.

Ben Grad said...

Oops - not too loud, too large.