Monday, May 5, 2008

Elves, re-recordings and swim trunks: May's Southeast Performer arrives!

Southeasterly music types! Rejoice! May's Southeast Performer Magazine has hit the stands, and this month it's chock full o' goodness. It begins with a cover by Harold Zimm on Atlanta's own Morning State (who can jump very high).
It's the tale of an album's survival through a label's collapse, and all the good that followed thereafter. Read about it here.

The feature this month is on Athens standby Elf Power and their new album, In A Cave.

I wrote a spotlight on this guy:

His band's called John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death, and he rocks pretty hard. I was not involved with this photo, but man, do I wish I had been!

The live reviews section's pretty sweet this month, too. Features Leila's coverage of southeast bands at SXSW, my write up of Look Mexico/Bear Colony/O'Brother, and of course, my boys Lazer/Wulf. Check it out!

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o' brother said...

thanks for the review! we're playing on may 30th at vinyl with great bands all get out, dignan, and winston audio.