Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Bonnaroo is going to ruin my life.

Ok, not really. But I am distressed about a couple of things surrounding leaving the ATL for Tennessee June 11-14, not the least of which is the PHENOMENAL batch of shows traipsing through our fair city in my absence.

The top of my list is St. Vincent with Pattern Is Movement Sunday, June 4 at The Earl. Woe is me! I've been a big Pattern Is Movement fan since I got wind of their record All Together last year. They're on Crushworthy Record Label (see new sidebar posting to your right) Hometapes out of Portland, Ore., along with Megafaun (!!) and Slaraffenland (!!!!). Many will read this as blasphemy, but I like them waaaay better than I like St. Vincent, and was basically just excited at the chance to hear them be weird and creative in person. Reportedly, they cover D'Angelo in concert. Oh, and St. Vincent is really good too. Oh well. In lieu of this experience, I'll have to satisfy myself with reading Pattern Is Movement's tour blog and looking at the pretty pictures they've taken of the American west coast on their Tumblr. Excerpt: "Today was beautiful. Nothing happened." Very Vonnegut, yes?

The Earl also has Here We Go Magic, The Selmanaires and Carnivores (ex-Chainestereo, whose song, "A Crime," I have been chasing around for WEEKS) Friday, June 12. Sigh.

For those skipping the festival, there are a bunch of artists passing through Atlanta on their way to or from their sets in Tennessee, like Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear.

And Sunset Rubdown hits the Drunken Unicorn June 16, which is rad.


Ok, maybe that's it. I just combed all the club show listings and I guess that's all I'm stressed about. That, and scheduling interviews and deadlines around the trip. For a bit of a pick-me up, I can always go here.


Biggiec said...

it'll be worth it, bonnaroo's lineup is exceptional this year. go see the dirty projectors for sure.

Juliar said...

Definitely! That's one of the sets I'm most excited about-- it's on the stage curated by David Byrne

Davy Minor said...

Every year Atlanta has the best shows while I'm away at Bonnaroo. The one I'm most bummed to miss is Clues at Drunken Unicorn.

I'll see you in the press area!