Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paste Band of the Week: The Daredevil Christopher Wright

I wrote this week's BOTW on! It's a band I really stand behind-- everyone should take a listen. Enjoy!

Band of the Week: The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisc.
Members: Jason Sunde (bass, vocals), Jesse Edgington (drums, miscellaneous percussion, vocals), Jon Sunde (guitar, vocals)
Album: In Deference to a Broken Back
For Fans Of: Shearwater,Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens

There's a track on The Daredevil Christopher Wright's debut LP that shares a name with the band and tells the story of a man who literally dedicates his life to performing death-defying stunts. The Wisconsin trio has taken similar leaps—not of he motorcycle-jumping variety, but nearly as risky and contingent on vulnerability. Their debut, In Deference to a Broken Back (out now on Amble Down Records), owes as much to the band's musical open-mindedness as two of its members classical training; its reference points are far-flung, from Chopin-does-acoustic-folk etudes, circus waltzes, string quartets, whistling, post-punk rock-out—even one of those plastic recorders you might recognize from elementary school music class...[Read more]

[MP3] The Daredevil Christopher Wright - "The East Coast"

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