Monday, May 18, 2009

Q&A with Kyle Gordon of Young Orchids

To be honest, it sometimes makes me uncomfortable that the line between journalism and promotion sometimes gets sorta blurry when you're a music writer. It depends entirely on the publication's standards, I suppose, but sometimes there are real conflicts of interest-- especially since you tend to make friends with musicians in the process of covering their bands and their friends' bands. (I am NOT referencing Almost Famous, shut up!) Or since if you're interested in being a rock critic, it's probably because you already hung out with those types anyway...or even that you make music yourself.

All that being said, I did an interview with my co-worker Kyle for Atlanta Music Guide last week. He's started a band called Young Orchids, and they'll be playing Pop Death Squad's monthly Big Trouble in Little Five Points show this Thursday, May 21 at the Star Bar with The Bridges and All These Kings.

I'd like to think pieces like these don't pass judgment and therefore don't cross any lines. Either way it was fun to write, and anyone who can should try to catch the show.

Q&A with Kyle Gordon of Young Orchids

By Julia Reidy

Young Orchids is the latest musical brainchild of Kyle Gordon, previously of Atlanta rockers The Booze, KillGordon and Ski Club. Though the group is new, these pros aren’t as delicate as the name suggests. Along with Ski Club bandmate Michael Kai, Gordon has put together a lineup of veterans to grow this project into a powerhouse. Having already opened for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah outside the CW Midtown Music Complex and graced the stage at 529, this Thursday, May 21, the band plays its third Atlanta show since its inception under a year ago. We grilled Gordon on songwriting for a new act, reputations and what it takes to make music blossom.

Q: So you guys have done this before. You’ve been the primary songwriter for lots of projects. Have you approached writing for the Young Orchids differently than you’ve approached writing for any of your other bands?

A: No. When I write, I write for whatever project I’m with at the time. My stuff isn’t so varied that it sounds like different artists. I’m not writing a polka song and then a country song and then a rap song and then a rock song. They’ve all got the same feel; they’re all pretty monotonous, I don’t know [laughs]. Actually, Michael and I write the music together. I definitely write a ton of music — I’m always writing, and I’ve got a lot of ideas I want to see to fruition. Every song I write, I want to see come to life, and that means whatever band I’m in at the time is going to be the unfortunate assholes that have to learn it. [laughs]...[Read more]

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Davy Minor said...

Yeah, conflicts of interest seem unavoidable in this game. Objectivity is very rarely achieved in music journalism.