Friday, February 6, 2009

Theft and "Hurricane Jane"

At favorite coffee shop today, mourning the loss of Rosie, my mom's beloved red 1980 Puch road bicycle, which was stolen off of my front porch while locked up securely last night. (Or, I guess, not so securely.) All anyone needs is good pair of bolt cutters, I know, but that doesn't lessen the indignation.

As I'm thinking about revising my previous opinions about gun control, this song comes on:

Hurricane Jane - Black Kids

While, I shockingly, actually did kind of enjoy most of Black Kids' Partie Traumatic, I don't really like that song. It reminds me of bad disco and gives me sort of an I-partied-too-much headache. I think it's the repetition.

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, just like this idiot theft. What will they get for the bike that for me meant so much? $20 or something? Wow, that seems like it was worth it. And I was so looking forward to riding everywhere when it got a little warmer. I had been planning routes in my head as I was falling asleep every night with temperatures in the 20s. Really, I was.

In Rosie's honor:

What have you guys had stolen recently? Thoughts?


bazookaluca said...

Sorry to hear about your bike. My bike was stolen right out of my back porch not too long ago. It was chained to a post. They even took the chain. I had it for not even a week. Bastards.

P.S.- I've never seen Ladri Di Biciclette with subtitles before, I'm kind of sad they didn't attempt translating the word "cornuto". It's one of my favorites.

Amy said...

What have I had stolen lately? Just my pride. My dignity. Y'know, the usual.

I haven't had anything stolen since moving ITP but then, I keep everything save for my car indoors. I'm guessing if I had a bike, it would be history.