Monday, February 16, 2009

Live Review: Au, Tealights, Sleep Creeps @ The Earl 2/2/09

Written for's Tales From The Moshpit section:

Au; Tealights; Sleep Creeps @ The Earl, 2/2/09

Written by Julia Reidy
Dana Valatka had forgotten to grab the tomato-shaped shaker when he picked up his drumsticks. He got up again, nestled it in one palm, and looked over significantly at Luke Wyland, Au’s songwriter and leader of the Portland recording collective, who was settling himself, shoeless, behind a keyboard, melodica and lap steel. They made eye contact for the first of many times during the set, when they would give each other nonverbal cues, or, more notably, sing or scream until it looked like the veins would pop out of their earnest foreheads. The meager crowd had rushed forward before Wyland had a chance to bid us to the front of the stage; we formed two straggling, expectant rows, eager to prove that though attendance was low, enthusiasm was high. They raised their arms above their heads, and with one synchronized motion began the noisy, beautiful, incendiary show that would follow... [Read more]


I really love this band. Check them out on their MySpace.


rahawa said...

Thanks for the heads up, Julia. Hope you are well.

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