Monday, February 2, 2009

Howlies are Paste's Band of the Week

Ohai! My BOTW piece on the ATL's own Howlies showed up on today. This one was really a pleasure. Justin was lovely to talk to, and I'm so proud of Atlanta bands that put out a quality product and seem to do so with integrity, etc.

Photo by Jason Reed

Band of the Week: Howlies

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Fun Fact: A “howlie” (or “haole”) is a slang term for a tourist in Hawaii, not some sort of wolf creature.
Why They're Worth Watching: Howlies have taken 1950s and ‘60s rock and turned it on its head, creating an anachronistic mash-up of songs that translate to the stage like a happy monster unleashed from its cage.
For Fans Of: Chuck Berry, surf rock, early Beatles

The hidden track on Howlies’ debut record, Trippin’ With Howlies, features legendary producer Kim Fowley dryly reading the liner notes he’s written for it, voice dripping with equal parts sincerity and irony. “Howlies are the first rock band of the 21st century,” he says. “Trippin’ With Howlies is a vinyl-inspired analogue raid on the ProTools present.” It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it wasn’t so spot-on. Atlanta’s Howlies, re-formed from the ashes of experimental band Moresight, formed in late 2007, wielding an arsenal of traditionally-inspired rock song structures topped with relentless performance energy and fun-loving lyrics.... [Read more]

And what's more, the piece got a shoutout on Largehearted Boy. Which is insignificant, I know, but it makes me happy.

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