Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Record Review: Wavves - Wavvves

Appearing in this month's Stomp and Stammer:

Wavves - Wavvves
[Fat Possum]

Nathan Williams is certainly not the first artist to center his work around damaged guitar riffs, malaise or the woes of beach life, but he just may be the very best one this year. Wielding his anguish about “going nowhere” (“Beach Demon”) and being “so bored” (“So Bored”) like weapons, and with his penchant for pop punk hooks, Williams as the entirety of buzz band Wavves is making….you know…with his second LP, released in March via Fat Possum Records. It’s the follow-up to his self-titled debut (the one with one less V in the name than the current record), which has been on the shelves less than a year; it even features a couple of the same songs. To say, therefore, that the record (and the Wavves catalogue as a whole, really) can be a listened to as one solid thought is a bit of an understatement. It is one thought...[Read more]

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