Friday, April 3, 2009

Aaron Desner talks to P4K

There's a really excellent interview with Aaron Dessner of The National on Pitchfork right now. It's probably better than mine was last year. Humph.

Excerpt, on the new National record, which will apparently not be a Civil War theme album:
We're kind of in the early stages, but we're getting into it. In a way, we're further along than we were at this stage of Boxer because we actually have songs. With Boxer, we were sort of spinning our wheels without songs for the early part of it. The way we work, it just takes a really long time to turn these amorphous turds of rock songs into something that lasts and is interesting and has elbows and is special.

He also talks about the Red Hot compilation Dark Was The Night he and his brother Bryce curated. Recommended reading.

The National will be at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on May 27.

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