Monday, November 15, 2010

Record Review: Carnivores - If I'm Ancient

Love me some Carnivores, as we well know! I think this is my fourth time formally writing about them? No matter! They have a new record out, and it's brilliant. Still officially my favorite Atlanta band. ATL represent!

For Flagpole:

If I'm Ancient

Double Phantom

The name If I’m Ancient deliberately misleads. The grammatically conditional title of this sophomore record from Atlanta’s Carnivores, who, incidentally, are far from aged themselves, communicates a tentativeness the band seems wholly without. Appropriate, perhaps, that a group so committed to pop disguised deftly beneath layers of psych-punk anarchy fools us yet again. Pleasant deception is what it's best at...[Read more]

(As a side note, hearing some of these songs pre-mastering and then in their finished form really gives an extra level of admiration to the whole thing. THUMBS UP.)

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