Friday, October 22, 2010

Record Review: Women - Public Strain

One of the best of 2010!! Women rules, for sure. Or is it "Women rule"...? For sure.

Public Strain


Women’s 2008 self-titled debut is one of my favorite records. As with many loves, however, it's difficult to tell you why, exactly. When I first laid ears on it, I thought it was the prettiest ugly thing, interlocking detuned guitar riffs and swaths of wide-lens noise and all. The music was as warm through all its tearing and wrinkling as I imaged the band’s Canadian home was chilly. It felt three-dimensional, like fingers on a relief map — then like the map had rolled up and was trying to asphyxiate me. I always ended the album’s journey slack-jawed and a little out of breath...[Read more]

[MP3] Women - "Eyesore" (via Jagjaguwar)

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