Thursday, March 12, 2009

Record Review: Madeline - White Flag

For Atlanta Music Guide:

White Flag

Orange Twin

By Julia Reidy

It’s unfortunate that the first comparison we’re inclined to make when it comes to female singer-songwriters is who else’s voice theirs resembles. In this case, though, it seems a dual and unavoidable comparison. Athens, Ga.’s Madeline Adams, on her third full-length release at least, sounds like Regina Spektor in her lower range and is a dead ringer for a young Joni Mitchell (before the cigarette-addled smokiness) in her upper register.

But Madeline has cut her own unique path through songstress land. With a musical career behind her that started when she was 15 and was nurtured by basically the whole of Orange Twin and the current Athens Elephant 6 contingent, White Flag gets a helping hand from Claire and Page Campbell of Hope For Agoldensummer, Matt Stoessel of South San Gabriel and John Fernandes of Olivia Tremor Control, while still maintaining Madeline’s individual songwriting identity...[Read more]

[MP3] Madeline - "Jive Talking"

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