Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"We're gonna need a montage."

Been feeling a bit scattered lately, as evidenced by the lack of posts. It's not that I don't have any ideas, it's that I've got too many.

Here are some of them:

1. A tribute to Of Montreal - themed multimedia, including ridiculous videos, Daytrotter sessions, live performance journal, etc. Really, it's just so easy to talk about them because they're just so interesting (read: "insane" and "musically prolific"). I think this one'll have to wait a couple days.

2. Inspired by the lists upon lists upon lists, I was going to throw a few of my own favorite videos of the year on here...one of which was from Of Montreal...maybe I really do need to do that post...and two of which were directed/animated by the aforementioned Brothers Chaps from homestarrunner.com.

(Heimdalsgate Like a Promethian Curse, Dir: Brothers Chaps)

3. I thought I might point you lovely people toward particularly well-designed record label websites, especially Kindercore's. This Athens label's page is just too cool for words. But to preclude that, I've instead started a lovely link section (to your right) just for neat labels. The criteria for making my label list include, "Do they produce music I want to listen to over and over again?" "Are they nice?" and "Do I want to hug them when they meet me unsuspectingly at shows because they've contributed so much to our little musical bubble?....ahem...sorry, Mike."
(Side note: I think it's funny, in my travels through Southeast record label cyberspace, how many different ones carry at least one release by Neutral Milk Hotel. Yeah, they're unequivocally incredible. But...still. Everyone can't claim them as their artist...Merge, etc.)

4. It's the holidays. This calls for Christmas music. I want to post some mp3s, and I will soon, but for now, visit Y O U or Casper and the Cookies, for some of the best indie X-Mas jams I've heard so far. They're cheesy. They're synth. They're twee. It's good times.

Casper and his cookies:

Aren't they festive?

5. Thought I might marinate on the naming of record labels a bit. Especially one such Cephalopod Records out of Nashville. I like this idea of classifying things based on their number of appendages, and apparently, so does this record label. I wanted to support these efforts.

6. A tribute to the Take Away Shows seemed to be in order. It still is. This is definitely one I'm doing.

Beirut performs "The Penalty" in a French bar:

7. Lastly, I thought I might weigh in on the whole Bradford Cox blogging thing. Maybe I won't, though.

Happy Christmakkah, everyone. Stay tuned. Oh, and what I'd really like for the holidays are comments on my blog.

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theleila said...

that of montreal vid was all you promised it would be and more! hurrah for bros chaps and they're obscure lobster hand!