Friday, December 7, 2007

Listings for the Listless

Pitchfork posted their Year In Photos and it's pretty awesome.

This one's my favorite.

It's Kevin Drew. I need to get that album somewhere...

I'm constantly working on my Favorite Songs of 2007 list, but it's incomplete. My #1 favorite song is in jeopardy because it was definitely playing when I rear-ended a guy on my way to work last I might be re-thinking its designation. It was going to be "Fake Empire," by The National. I'll figure it out. Till then, feel free to experience my Best Albums of 2007 or my most recent compilation, "We are Half Awake."

Might be a day or two on that best songs list because I'm on deadline here at Southeast Performer. I had an incredible interview with The Selmanaires on Wednesday, and attended their photo shoot. It's going to look amazing, and I'm huge fans of these guys. Look for the article in February. I'm also writing a review of the new Paleface record, which I'm pretty pleasantly surprised by.

And if you're hankerin' for some lists, as always, you can visit Largehearted Boy, where there are so many lists, you could swim in them. And they're organized into a...list. Alphabetically. Mine is in the "F"s. Yay.

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