Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Snickering under my breath

So tomorrow night the The Star Baris featuring UK punk legends The Vibrators. Who else is on the bill? The Heart Attacks and...wait for it...The Vaginas.
Funny? Yes, I thought so.

New discoveries in my wading knee-deep into southeastern indie music:

I love Elevado. Most people are probably saying something to the effect of, "Duh, Elevado's been super-cool for like, years now." Well I'm sorry. I'm new. And most of the time I either live in a cave or am so overwhelmed by the onslaught of music I aggressively seek out and then run away from when it's thrown at me, that I miss the really good acts. I also decided I like the Pendletons, who I never saw in four years living in Athens, but who I might try to catch at aforementioned Star Bar tonight.

This Friday, perhaps my musical travels will take me to Lenny's, the night before their famed Zombie Walk, an event during which I'll proably have to work. Ugh. I really wanna see zombies. I suppose the old mannequin head (whose eyeballs and painted red and whose mouth is dripping blood) my adoring roommate has placed in the hanging planter outside our apartment will have to supply sufficient creepiness to hold me until Halloween actually approaches. It's October. It's not too soon. So what if I bought my pumpkin on September 30....?

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