Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ongoing List of Incredible Band Names, Part...2?

Chronicles of the Landsquid!
The Alarm Clocks
Social Espionage (sort of a runner-up, I guess...possibly too obvious...)

I've been musing, and I think if I started a band (which I won't, but still), I might have to call it "The Undertaken" or "The Passing Motorists," the latter of which makes me (and no one else) giggle. I guess I should check and see if those names are already taken.

Ok, The Undertaken is already a metal band. Scratch that. But my "band" will be called The Passing Motorists, by process of elimination. Our act will be face-melting, in a slightly bemused, calmy observing and turning one's head as we go by sort of way...

Oh, and today's winner for funniest band bio goes to...(drumroll)...
Slow Runner
Please read the "About Slow Runner" section. It's funny because it's true.

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