Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Record Review: Yeasayer - Odd Blood

Remember when this band played at The Earl two years ago? I do. (Gosh, I was a fangirl back then...) How about when they shared a bill at Lenny's with Man Man? Yeah, that was good too.

For Flagpole:

Odd Blood

Secretly Canadian

Odd Blood, the eagerly awaited sophomore release from Brooklyn avant-pop prodigies Yeasayer, finds the band expanding adamantly in both more and less traditional directions. The band's 2007 debut All Hour Cymbals was a blissed-out romp through psychedelic dance territory, all bass and Chris Keating's charismatic whining. This follow-up shows us a more experimental Yeasayer, sort of; it’s more electronic, stranger effects have been applied to even the simplest melodies and the layers upon layers of groans and blips build to a fever pitch. Leadoff “The Children,” for example, features Keating's vocals sheathed in an unnerving effect that skews it simultaneously an octave lower and an octave higher...[Read more]

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