Monday, January 19, 2009

FOA Linkage Wednesday, er, Monday

Whelp, seems fitting that the first time reviving an old FOA feature I'd do it kinda wrong. No worries!

Wasn't going to bother, but I was messing around on McSweeney's (which is awesome, if you never go) and I found this in the "Lists" section:

Radiohead at the
Culinary Institute.


- - - -

"Everything in Its Mise en Place"

"Fritter, Happier"

"All I Knead"


"My Waffle-Iron Lung"

"High and Dry Rub"

"Knives Out"

"Caramel Police"

"Black Star Anise"

"Weird Fishes"


- - - -

Oh, come on, it's funny. 'Specially "Crepe" ("Creep") and "Weird Fishes" ("Weird Fishes"). I occasionally kill time with these lists, my other favorites of which are this one or this one. I couldn't really tell you why...

Also on McSweeney's today is a piece called "A Literary Critic Reviews My Résumé." by Ken Woodyard which, if you (like your favorite struggling freelancers) have recently made a résumé or enjoy literary analysis at all, is a riot. Here's the best paragraph:

Those of you familiar with Woodyard's earlier work will recognize the same cumbersome language, creative punctuation, and limited vocabulary that defined the first decade of his career. But there is a new, almost desperate tone to this piece that makes it not only unpalatable but borderline irresponsible. I could be mistaken, but it appears Mr. Woodyard is entreating the reader to not only read his work but to also provide him with a steady flow of cash for the foreseeable future. If this is truly his intent, then Résumé is nothing more than an undignified abuse of authorial power, and I, for one, take personal offense to it.

Finished my review of the Bon Iver Blood Bank EP this morning for

Look for it to show up on the site in a couple days. The EP releases tomorrow, but the whole thing is currently streaming on the band's MySpace. I'd be particularly interested to hear everyone's opinion on the EP's final track, "Woods," and their use of a vocoder (or Auto-tune?) on it.

Listen to "Blood Bank," courtesy of Jagjaguwar.

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Amy said...

I love McSweeney's. PS I THINK there was a Bon Iver song on tonight's Grey's Anatomy? I think? It was one of those situations where it was playing and I thought, I KNOW I own this but I don't remember what it is. Let me know when you watch the episode.