Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Corndogorama cometh!

I can't say it better than Rebecca Bowen, so let me point you toward PasteMagazine.com's article about this weekend's CORNDOGORAMA at Lenny's:

Dan Deacon to headline Corndogorama's meaty lineup

With its built-in wooden stick for convenient one-handed transport, and soft, delicious casing that prevents the traumatic puncture wounds often inflicted by skewered meats or vegetables, the corn dog (its origins as debated as those of man himself) was obviously conceived supernaturally for the purpose of consumption amidst throngs of schoolchildren, circus-goers and, finally, Atlanta indie rockers. [Read more...]

It's here. It's good. It's this weekend. Foods on sticks and music for everyone! All should come out and help support local music, as well as say hello to your beloved(!) journalistic entities like Southeast Performer Magazine's lovely troupe of editors, writers and interns, and of course my boys over at Have You Heard....I'll be the one wearing a silly grin (either sleepy or too excited) under the Performer tent for much of the weekend if you're lookin'.

Highlights for me include the Friday night lineup of Judi Chicago, Noot d'Noot and Dan Deacon and a Sunday afternoon onslaught from Lazer/Wulf. Can't wait. Full lineup available at Corndogorama.com!


Amy said...

Agh I love corn dogs and indie rock! I want to go. I am working Friday and Saturday but we'll see.

erl said...

and it's elephant's on saturday night of course.

Devin D. said...

This brings the feeling of anticipation I normally associate with a medieval fair or something...only one that doesn't get suckier over time.

And without sword salesmen.

Juliar said...

Indeed, all of you. Indeed.