Sunday, July 1, 2007

more than four legs at a time = bad

i fear arthropods. i don't know why. no, i do know why. i find them creepy because they are segmented and leggy and much faster than one would expect. i make no apologies for this.

in much the same way, this collection of thoughts will be segmented. it will scurry from place to place, and may or may not give you the willies.

some will be fiction, some will be memoir, some will be stolen. i will, without warning, take pieces of other people's creativity and reproduce them here (appropriately cited, of course).

so, i attempt to recreate mental textures on paper.
and perhaps i will do so much faster than one would expect. maybe in this way, i am much like an arthropod.

except i don't have an exoskeleton. and i only have four appendages. ok, i'm not at all like an arthropod. fine.

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